God is Always Bigger: Reflections by a Hopeful Critic

For forty years, John Bowen has been a popular speaker, teacher, and preacher on university campuses, in churches and in classrooms, and at conferences across Canada. This book brings together forty of his best sermons, talks, and articles. You will be encouraged and you will be challenged. You will laugh and cry, think and pray–sometimes all at the same time.

The topics are wildly various: “The Spiritual Quality of Craziness,” “Vacuum Cleaner Church,” “The Vocation of a Garbage Collector,” “Spirituality in my Sixties,” “What’s Wrong with Amazing Grace?” and “Strong and Weak” (a reflection on his bypass surgery in 2017).

The audiences are as varied as the subjects: a conference of Christians in science, the visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to Wycliffe College, a camp reunion, a diocesan conference, a church planting conference, his mother’s funeral, and (not least) his own parish church in Hamilton, Ontario.

This is a book to dip into or to read from cover to cover. You will not be disappointed.