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O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

How an ancient liturgical custom prepares us for Christmas—and for evangelism. I was on sabbatical recently. Well, OK, not a real sabbatical. It was only four hours long. It was actually a “Brown Bag Sabbatical,” one of the innovative programs being offered by Wycliffe Serves!–the new department I direct at the college.[i] But that mini-sabbath

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Ignatius for Evangelicals?

How do you nurture your spiritual life moment by moment? A 16th century Roman Catholic has something surprising to offer to Christians of different traditions, even today Ignatius Loyola (1491—1556) is often seen as head of the Pope’s anti-Reformation shock troops in the 16th century. Like most one-line characterizations, however, that is a caricature. Certainly

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Vacuum Cleaner Church

We sometimes forget that the church exists from Monday to Saturday, and not only on Sunday. So why do we spend so much time thinking about our gathering on Sunday—and so little about being the church during the week?  Have you heard the term “vacuum cleaner church”? Whether you’ve heard it or not, you’ve probably

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Can evangelism be taught?

Some people just seem to be natural evangelists. They talk about faith freely and people respond with equal freedom. Some of them don’t know they’re evangelists, and would deny it vehemently. Personally, I try not to tell them. My philosophy is: just let them get on with it, and don’t mess with their heads. Worst

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Spring is Coming

good idea! interviews John Bowen about his book, Green Shoots out of Dry Ground good idea: In a single sentence, what is this book about? John Bowen: It’s a book of essays about the future of the church and its mission in Canada in the 21st century. The title is Green Shoots out of Dry

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