Green Shoots out of Dry Ground: Growing a New Future for the Church in Canada

All over Canada, from coast to coast, there is new life in the Christian church. In spite of declining numbers, every Christian tradition has stories to tell of new ministries, fledgling Christian communities, and fresh expressions of church springing up, sometimes in unlikely places. Here, seventeen authors with experience in areas such as church revitalization, innovative ministry, evangelism, and church planting, reflect on what they are seeing and how the lessons they have learned can guide us into ways of health and vitality. They tell us about immigrant churches and indigenous ministries, about youth research and environmental concerns, about churches in the city and churches in the country, about leadership and spirituality. Scattered throughout the book are ten exciting stories of new ministries and new churches, from different traditions and different parts of the country, all seeking to engage their communities with the Gospel. Does the church in Canada have a future? The answer these authors give is a resounding yes–green shoots can grow out of dry ground–if we are prepared to rise to the challenge and follow where the Spirit of God leads. This book is timely, comprehensive, challenging, and deeply encouraging.