Growing Up Christian: Why Young People Stay In Church, Leave

Young people who grow up in church seem to offer great potential for the future of Christianity. Yet often that potential goes unfulfilled. Some give up on Christian faith altogether. Many more give up on church. Others persevere with both faith and church. And yet others return after a time away. So what makes the difference?
John Bowen suggests some of the answers to such questions. He has surveyed several hundred young people who “grew up Christian,” and retells their stories about how growing up and leaving home affected their faith-stories that are often poignant, sometimes hilarious, and always insightful.

This book offers helpful lessons for pastors, youth workers and parents who want to know how to help their young people to stay in church and in faith. What kind of church–and what kind of Christianity–do young people want and need? And can the existing church provide it.