Dare Booklets

Jesus the Only Way? Why Christians Seem Arrogant

The Christian claim that Jesus is \”the only way\” to God seems insufferably arrogant, politically incorrect and culturally gauche in today\’s society. This booklet explains both the \”inclusive\” and the \”exclusive\” Christian attitude to other religions. It then offers a third alternative which honours the uniqueness of Jesus as \”the Way\” while encouraging conversation and …

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The School of Jesus

  If you consider yourself a follower of Jesus, how does that affect your life day by day? This booklet works with the image of the Christian life as a school and Jesus as our teacher. Each day offers opportunities to learn and to grow. Different sections discuss the use of the school\’s textbook, opportunities …

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Becoming a Christian

God draws people to faith in different ways. In the style of a Choose-your-own-Adventure story, this booklet seeks to respond to people who are thinking about Christian faith for different reasons. For each person, there is a suggestion of how Jesus relates to them, and in what terms they might begin to follow him.   …

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