From Visitor to Disciple: Eight Ways Your Church Can Help

\"\"Most churches identify themselves as friendly communities. Yet the experience of a first-time visitor is often one of confusion, embarrassment and even alienation. John Bowen helps us think through the steps by which we can make that first visit a positive one, so that a visitor will feel confidence to return, to explore the reality of faith, and to move towards discipleship.

For the full text of this booklet in PDF format, click here. 



1 thought on “From Visitor to Disciple: Eight Ways Your Church Can Help”

  1. Don from the Turtle

    Hi John,

    Thanks for making these booklets available online. Our parish is in transition at the moment looking for a new 2nd member of the clergy team and also realizing that a reassessment of the state of its ministry and resources is necessary. In conjunction with our Diocese’s “Back To Church Sunday” initiative, I believe this little booklet will provide a fruitful opportunity to get more conversation going.

    Practically speaking, it costs me about 1.10 to print a booklet on my laser printer, making it easily available to parishioners and extremely affordable! Thanks again.

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