Thriving as an Evangelistic Community

Your answers indicate you are doing well as an evangelizing community. That\’s wonderful!

We would be grateful if you would email the Institute and tell us some stories of what you are doing by way of evangelistic activities. We will then post your message on the website, so that others can learn from your experience.

You could address the specific issues these questions raise:

  • adult and teen baptisms
  • programs for exploring Christian faith
  • church publicity in the neighbourhood
  • newcomers returning to church
  • your approach to welcoming
  • your congregation\’s enthusiasm for evangelism
  • your members\’ ability to share their faith
  • \”easy access\” events in and through your congregation
  • your budget allocation for evangelism.

You could also tell us anything else you have learned about being an evangelizing community that you think would be of benefit to others.

Since there is always room for improvement, you might also like to check out the suggestions in the section, Growing as an Evangelizing Community