Christian Basics

Vacuum Cleaner Church

We sometimes forget that the church exists from Monday to Saturday, and not only on Sunday. So why do we spend so much time thinking about our gathering on Sunday—and so little about being the church during the week?  Have you heard the term “vacuum cleaner church”? Whether you’ve heard it or not, you’ve probably

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How Disciples are Made Today

“Discipleship” is rapidly becoming one of those irritating buzz-words, like missional, inclusive, and green, guaranteed to get people asking with a certain edge in their voice, “But what exactly do you mean by that?”

In the case of discipleship, at least we can blame Jesus. His Great Commission is often cited as justification for our interest in the topic. And as you might expect, Jesus sheds some light on what we mean by the word. After all

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What is the Gospel?

The simplest definition of evangelism I ever heard is: \”preaching the Gospel.\” But that of course begs the question: What exactly is the Gospel? A few years ago, I was leading a workshop on evangelism, and said something about \”the Gospel.\” An elderly gentleman in the front row spoke up and said, \”I\’ve been in

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Teaching the Gospel – The Challenge of Evangelistic Teaching

Jesus\’ Great Commission, traditionally seen as the motivation for evangelism, strangely enough says nothing about evangelism. What Jesus actually commands is three things-making disciples, baptizing, and teaching them to obey (Matthew 28:18-20). Of course, one could argue that those three together add up to a fair definition of evangelism. Yet how does one make disciples

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