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Stiller Waters Run Deep

  Two important publications this summer have the name of Stiller attached to them.   Evangelicals around the World  Karen Stiller is a Senior Editor of Faith Today and a Wycliffe College Board member. Brian Stiller (Karen’s husband’s uncle) is former President of Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, and presently a Global Ambassador for the World …

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Fresh Expressions of Church among the Maasai?

Vincent Donovan was a Catholic missionary to the Maasai in Tanzania in the 1960’s and 1970’s. His book Christianity Rediscovered (Orbis 1978) has been a best-seller ever since, and I am not the only teacher who has used it in classes on mission and evangelism to help students think through issues of Gospel and culture.

Oprah\’s Religion

The name Eckhart Tolle is hardly a household name—at least, yet. Earlier this year, his book The New Earth, was chosen by Oprah Winfrey as the choice of her Book Club and has sold 3.5 million copies so far. (And to think I was excited that my Narnia book has sold almost 1,000!) He has …

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The Spirituality of Narnia

Many people love the Narnia stories. However, not all readers know the deep spirituality that underlies them. In some ways, the stories mirror Lewis’ own wrestling with his spiritual longings, and seek to help others on the same journey. He wants us to feel, as he himself came to feel, that what we long for …

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The Meaning of Life: The Views of Monty Python, Douglas Adams, Samuel Beckett, the X-Box, and Jesus

At the heart of the courses I teach at Wycliffe College is the question of how to communicate Christian faith to people who are exploring their spirituality but know very little about Christianity. Of course, there’s a limit to how much you can learn about this in the classroom, so from time to time, I …

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The Man Who Created Narnia

C.S.Lewis is one of the most unlikely children’s authors you could ever meet. He was an academic all of his life, teaching first at Oxford and later at Cambridge. He was not married till he was over fifty, and had no children of his own, nor any nephews or nieces. His closest friends were other …

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