Evangelism for \’Normal People\’: Good News for Those Looking for a Fresh Approach

\"\"This book serves as a primer in evangelism for Christians who think that evangelism is done only by weird people, not by ‘normal’ people like them. The book is in two halves:

  • The first half traces the author’s journey of discovery through the Bible, showing how evangelism originates in the heart of God and is a scarlet thread running through the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. There is an emphasis on evangelism as the work of God, who invites us into relationship. Such evangelism is normally a slow process, often taking many years. The role of the evangelist is to co-operate with God by playing his or her role, however small or insignificant it may seem.
  • The second half looks at difficult questions that arise in any discussion of evangelism: what exactly is our message? how do we translate our message into contemporary culture, which does not understand Christian language? Should we evangelize people of other religions? Do we have to believe in hell? And what difference does evangelism make in the life of a local church?

Study questions at the back make this an ideal book for a small group or a Lenten study series.

Dr. Marva Dawn, of Regent College, Vancouver, writes: “This is a great book, and I am pleased to recommend it highly.”

Harold Percy says: “Forget all the stereotypes about evangelism. Forget the guilt and intimidation frequently associated with it. Written by a seasoned and thoughtful evangelist, this book is good news for any church and any Christian seeking to find a way forward in this important ministry. It is clearly written, cogently argued, thoroughly biblical and eminently practical. If you are interested in evangelism, read this book.” In June 2003, Evangelism for ‘Normal’ People won First Place in the Non-fiction (culture) category of the annual Canadian Writing Awards of The Word Guild.

This book can be purchased at your local Christian bookseller or online at http://www.regentbookstore.com/

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