Making Disciples Today

Making Disciples Today“Discipleship” is something of a buzz word in churches these days. But what does it actually mean? And why is it important? How does it \"Discipleship\"relate to spiritual growth? Is it the same as spiritual formation or something different? Is it just “the flavour of the month,” like so many, here today and gone tomorrow? A brand new Wycliffe Booklet, published this month, Making Disciples Today: What, Why, and How . . . on Earth? addresses these questions. John Bowen, at the time Director of the Institute of Evangelism, writes out of many years of learning and teaching about discipleship, expanding on a good idea! article he wrote in February 2012. He grounds the idea in scripture, using the image of the trade apprentice as a clue to understanding what discipleship means, in both Old and New Testaments. He also puts the idea in a wider theological context, showing how the idea of discipleship relates to God’s mission to renew all things through Christ—including us.  The booklet then explores five God-given means by which Christians can make progress as apprentices of Jesus. Finally, there are practical suggestions for congregations wanting to grow a culture where discipleship is understood and practiced on a daily basis as a normal, healthy and joyful reality. The booklet is useful for individual study, but is also a thought-provoking resource for small groups to discuss.

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